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Computer Assisted Diagnosis Software (影像组学辅助诊断软件- Radiomics ) PDF for manual

Features (特点):

  • Include tumor segmentation, feature extraction, tumor classification and prediction models.
  • 使用了贯穿数据 分割特征提取分析预测的全链条数据挖掘技术
  • Automatic tumor segmentation and 592 features extraction.
  • 可实现肿瘤的 自动分割592 个特征的提取
  • Tumor benign vs. malignant classification, assist diagnosis for radiologists.
  • 可以进行 肿瘤良恶性预测,为临床诊断提供第二意见
  • Neural network-based models are trained with multi-center, multi-modality image data from CAS key laboratory of molecular imaging.
  • 人工智能网络模型来源于中科院分子影像重点实验室构建的 多中心、多肿瘤、多模态的影像组学临床数据资源库