MITK 2.4.1
Eglish 中文
  1. MITK 1.x: Implemented basic encapsulation of data structures and algorithms, which included most fundamental functions of data handling, filtering, segmentation, registration and visualization.
  2. MITK 2.0: The Out-of-Core mechanism was introduced, which supported the buffering of large datasets.
  3. MITK 2.2: Some reconstruction functions were introduced which formed a new branch of the algorithm hierarchy.
  4. MITK 2.3: The project was reorganized with the CMake tool provided by Kitware. The source code as well as the binaries were divided into multiple modules, which simplified the management, and made it possible that more compiling environments were supported.
  5. Currently, MITK is extending itself in multiple aspects including the support of GPU alogorithms in a more flexible framework.
  1. MITK 1.x: 初步的数据和算法封装,初步实现数据读取、滤波、分割、配准、可视化等功能。
  2. MITK 2.0: 引入了Out-of-Core机制,实现对大数据的缓冲。
  3. MITK 2.2: 在原有算法集的基础上引入了前重建这个新的分支。
  4. MITK 2.3: 使用Kitware的CMake工具重新进行工程组织,工程被分割成多个模块,这样便于管理,同时实现对更多开发环境的兼容。
  5. 目前MITK正在新的更加灵活的框架下进行包括GPU算法在内的多方面扩展。



MITK 2.4.0 Key changes from 2.3.6
Eglish 中文
  1. NEW Additional\mitkOpenCL module, this module is a GPU-computing sub-framework of MITK based on OpenCL. Currently, it contains some classes for volume rendering. Comparing to CUDA based volume rendering, this module is designed on a more fined-grained basis thanks to the dynamic-compilation mechanism of OpenCL.
  2. The OpenCL classes in mitkVisualization2 introduced during the last release are removed for compatibility issues.
  3. NEW volume thinning algorithms for centerline extraction are added in mitkCommon.
  4. NEW mitkVis2SurfaceScene scene in mitkVisualization2 added providing depth-peeling feature.
  1. 新增 Additional\mitkOpenCL 模块,这个模块是一个基于OpenCL的MITK GPU 计算子框架。目前,主要提供了一些用于体绘制的类。与基于CUDA的体绘制相比,这个模块在设计上采用了更细的粒度。

  2. 基于兼容想考虑,移除了上一个版本在mitkVisualization2中引入的OpenCL类。

  3. 在mitkCommon中新增了一组用于中心线提取的细化算法

  4. 新增mitkVis2SurfaceScene于mitkVisualization2,提供depth-peeling的支持



MITK 2.3.6 Key changes from 2.3.5
Eglish 中文
  1. NEW mitkIsosurfaceCurvatureFilter in mitkCommon: A volume filter class for calculation of isosurface curvature from volume datasets.
  2. NEW mitkPath in mitkCommon: for storage of paths such as center lines.
  3. NEW mitkCLMIPVRScene in mitkVisualization2: OpenCL based MIP Volume Rendering.
  4. NEW mitkCLIsosurfaceScene in mitkVisualization2: OpenCL based Isosurface Volume Rendering.
  5. NEW mitkCLFullVRScene in mitkVisualization2: OpenCL based Full Volume Rendering.
  6. NEW mitkCLEndoscopySliceScene in mitkVisualization2: OpenCL based endoscopy navigation.
  7. NEW mitkCUDADeltaAccStateVRScene in mitkCUDAVolumeRendering: A state-transition model based volume rendering scene, implemented using CUDA.
  8. NEW mitkCUDAValueBasedStateVRScene in mitkCUDAVolumeRendering: Another state-transition model based volume rendering scene, implemented using CUDA.
  9. NEW mitkCUDAWallCarvingVRScene in mitkCUDAVolumeRendering: A endoscopy volume-rendering scene with Wall-Caring.
  10. NEW mitkCUDAWallPenetrateVRScene in mitkCUDAVolumeRendering: A endoscopy volume-rendering scene with Wall-Penetrating.
  11. Centerline navigation support for endoscopy volume rendering scenes.
  1. 新增 mitkIsosurfaceCurvatureFilter 于 mitkCommon: 一个用来计算等值面曲率的三维体数据滤波器。

  2. 新增 mitkPath 于 mitkCommon:用来储存路径数据。
  3. 新增 mitkCLMIPVRScene 于 mitkVisualization2: 基于OpenCL的MIP体绘制。
  4. 新增 mitkCLIsosurfaceScene 于 mitkVisualization2: 基于OpenCL的等值面体绘制。
  5. 新增 mitkCLFullVRScene 于 mitkVisualization2: 基于OpenCL的完全体绘制。
  7. 新增 mitkCLEndoscopySliceScene 于mitkVisualization2: 基于OpenCL的内窥镜切片导航。

  8. 新增 mitkCUDADeltaAccStateVRScene 于mitkCUDAVolumeRendering: 一个基于状态转移模型的体绘制场景,CUDA实现。
  9. 新增 mitkCUDAValueBasedStateVRScene于mitkCUDAVolumeRendering: 另一个基于状态转移模型的体绘制场景,CUDA实现。
  10. 新增 mitkCUDAWallCarvingVRScene于mitkCUDAVolumeRendering: 一个采用Wall-Carving技术的体绘制内窥镜场景,CUDA实现。
  11. 新增 mitkCUDAWallPenetrateVRScene 于 mitkCUDAVolumeRendering: 一个采用Wall-Penetrating 技术的体绘制内窥镜场景,CUDA实现。

  12. 为内窥镜体绘制场景增加了中心线导航功能。