3DMed 5.3

     1.  Add online update module;

     2.  Optimize ThresholdWidget display garbled characters on Windows 10 system;

     3.  Optimization of international structure;

3DMed 5.2

    1.  Operating environment

         system: windows operating system
         Hard disk: 2G or more
         Memory: 1G or more

    2.  Upgrade log

         Fix the flashback problem;
         Add and save as AVI file;
         Solve the problem that the result of the CT reconstruction module is wrong on the high-end graphics card;
         Fixed several bugs.

    3.  Tip

         The CUDA computing module in the software must have an NVIDIA graphics card that supports CUDA acceleration;
         If your computer is a windows 32-bit operating system, please download 3DMed-Windows-X86-v5.2.19.0505-setup.exe;
         If you encounter any problems during use, please send an email to mitk@radiomics.cn.

3DMed 5.1

    3DMed has an even longer history than that of MITK:

    1.  Before 3DMed 2.0: 3DMed worked without MITK. It provided both the graphical user interface and the implementation of underlying algorithms.

    2.  3DMed 2.0: Algorithm implementations are separared from the user interface which forms the MITK.So ,since that, 3DMed has been incharge of the interface part only, which was devoloped based on the qt3 toolkit provided by Trolltech.

    3.  3DMed 2.x: New functions are integrated into the platform taking advantage of the plugin mechanism.

    4.  3DMed 3.0: Based on MITK 2.x, 3DMed 3.0 was developed to support large datasets using the out-of-core mechanism.

    5.  3DMed 4.0: Together with MITK 2.3, 3DMed 4.0 was released which was refactoried with a QT4 based user interface. The source code was also open, and can be compiled within different system environments. The plugin SDK interface was also redesigned which makes the extension of functions more flexible.

    6.  3DMed 5.x: Together with MITK 2.4, 3DMed 5.0 was released which was refactoried with a QT5 based user interface. Fix the known bugs.

    Together with the development of MITK, 3DMed is currrenly extending its functions based on the new plugin interface.