3DMed 5.1

3DMed has an even longer history than that of MITK:

  1. Before 3DMed 2.0: 3DMed worked without MITK. It provided both the graphical user interface and the implementation of underlying algorithms.
  2. 3DMed 2.0: Algorithm implementations are separared from the user interface which forms the MITK.So ,since that, 3DMed has been incharge of the interface part only, which was devoloped based on the qt3 toolkit provided by Trolltech.
  3. 3DMed 2.x: New functions are integrated into the platform taking advantage of the plugin mechanism.
  4. 3DMed 3.0: Based on MITK 2.x, 3DMed 3.0 was developed to support large datasets using the out-of-core mechanism.
  5. 3DMed 4.0: Together with MITK 2.3, 3DMed 4.0 was released which was refactoried with a QT4 based user interface. The source code was also open, and can be compiled within different system environments. The plugin SDK interface was also redesigned which makes the extension of functions more flexible.
  6. 3DMed 5.0: Together with MITK 2.4, 3DMed 5.0 was released which was refactoried with a QT5 based user interface. Fix the known bugs.

Together with the development of MITK, 3DMed is currrenly extending its functions based on the new plugin interface.

3DMed 拥有比MITK更长的历史:

  1. 3DMed 2.0 以前:在没有MITK的情况下,3DMed在实现软件的图形界面的同时提供算法的实现;
  2. 3DMed 2.0: 将算法部分单独实现,形成MITK,3DMed只负责前台界面部分,并采用Trolltech的qt3进行界面设计;
  3. 3DMed 2.x: 通过插件机制不断即成新的功能;
  4. 3DMed 3.0: 随着MITK 2.x的推出,开发了基于MITK2.x的,支持大数据的3DMed;
  5. 3DMed 4.0: 与MITK 2.3同步推出,采用QT4重新设计搭建, 公开代码,并实现跨平台编译。Plugin SDK接口也被重新设计,使得扩展机制更为灵活;
  6. 3DMed 5.0: 与MITK 2.4同步推出,采用QT5重新设计搭建, 修复了闪退问题;